Publishing Company

Black and White Publishing Co.

What are we looking for?

At Black and White we publish exclusively in Ubooks; therefore we publish what works best with that format. Currently that means: picture books, flash fiction, poetry, short stories, and novellas. We will also publish full length novels, but their chapters need to be short and concise. Our style preferences are varied, ranging from thriller to romance. What matters to us most is writing. It must be exceptionally good. No erotica or occult, please.

What are Ubooks,and what will it look for me to publish in that format?

Ubooks are a patent-pending book format where the book is a video played at reading pace and enhanced with mood-stirring music.
Presently, all of our Ubooks are released on our YouTube channel. Shorts will be released all at once with longer works being broken into segments or chapters, just as in a traditional book. Each of these chapters will be a separate video. These stories/videos will be free for the readers to enjoy. We feel this is one of the great advantages Ubooks has. People are used to getting their books for free between Bookbub, Kindle First, etc. This mentality has made it very difficult for the new author to break into the market. Ubooks are the solution. The book is free, just as the reader has come to expect. If they're free, how do I get paid? Like Pandora is to music, Ubooks are to books. A short commercial viewed at the beginning of each chapter is how income is generated. More views, more income. The sky's the limit. That's why social media and marketing are so important. How much do I get paid? Royalties will work like this: For picture books, the author will receive 25% gross of all royalties received, the illustrator will receive the same. For works without illustrations, the author will receive 40% gross. If you come with a cover that is Black and White approved, that's good for another 5%. Due to the nature of Ubooks, you may be able to publish a book in this format that's already in print, as long as you hold the necessary rights. It's not our intention to compete with traditional books; in fact, we'll be happy to set up a link to your book/ebook at the end of the Ubook. How involved will I be in the process? Very. At Black and White It makes sense to us have the authors have say in the development of their Ubook; from background to font, layout and musical style, we believe no one knows the story better than the one who wrote it, therefore no one should have more say into how it is developed.   
Sound good? We think so too.

How to submit: Email a brief description of your project to:  along with the first 250 words pasted in the email. If the story is under 1000 words, send the entire piece. Illustrators, please email examples of your work. If we're interested, we'll be in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.